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Written by vickyg2003

There is so much to learn about JP1. It’s a fascinating subject, but chances are if you are reading this, all you want to do is control your TV, VCR and DVD using 1 remote. This is my attempt to create a guide on how to use IR and the supporting tools. But keep in mind that the software is continually evolving and this document was last updated in the summer of 2010.

This is compiled from many posts and articles I read in the JP1 forum. I’ve borrowed freely from what I’ve read on the JP1 site at, and from the old Yahoo site. My thanks to everyone on the JP1 experts who created the tools and shared their knowledge. - Vickyg2003

Chapter 1 - Getting Started
JP1 or JP1x
Remote basics
IR.EXE Safety
How can I reset my remote?
Files to run the JP1 Tools

Chapter 2 - Next Steps
Connecting IR to your remote
IR's Display
IR's Menus
IR's General Tab
IR's CodeSelector
Sorts and Moves
Key Moves
Learned Signals
Fav Scan

Chapter 3 - Intermediate Programming
Remote Memory Usage
Device Upgrades
Using KM, Keymap-Master, to create a device upgrade
Using RM, RemoteMaster, to create a device upgrade
Protocol Upgrades
Creating a Better Upgrade
EFCs and OBCs

Chapter 4 - Advanced Programming
Special Protocols

Chapter 5 - Finding Codes
Finding Codes

Chapter 6 - Modem Upgradeable Remotes

Chapter 7 - The Glossary

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