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JP1 Tools - IR, KM, RM, etc
User Guides
Interface Designs
Source Code


15-1925.pdf (37k)
15-1935.pdf (42k)
15-1995.pdf (285k)
15-2117.pdf (68k)
RCU810.pdf (46k)
URC-4300B01.pdf (26k)
URC-7200-v1.gif (14k)
URC-7200-v2.gif (14k)
URC-9800.pdf (440k)
URC-9900.pdf (25k)

MCU Chip Manuals

File / Description
MC9S08RG60.pdf (3804k)
Motorola HCS08 MCU chip used in the JP1.2 remotes
HCS08RMV1.pdf (3804k)
Motorola HCS08 MCU chip used in the JP1.2 "Catalyst 48" remotes
SST 65P542R (466k)
SST 65P542R - data sheet
SST 65P542R (359k)
SST 65P542R - instruction set
JP1 - Samsung S3C8
S3C8-data-sheet.pdf (1877k)
S3C8 data sheet - S3C8639/C863A/P863A/C8647/F8647
S3C8-instruction-set.pdf (359k)
Instruction set for S3C80E5/P80E5/C80E7/P80E7
JP1 - Mitsubishi 740
Mits-740-sum.pdf (771k)
Summary Manual for the 740, a good programming reference. Contains more detailed descriptions of the instructions and their results.
Mits-740.pdf (1173k)
Mitsubishi 740 user manual (used in the Producer 8s)
JP1 - Motorola 6805
68HC05RC16.pdf (533k)
Datasheet for the 68HC05RC16 chip.
68HC05RC18.pdf (457k)
Datasheet for the 68HC05RC18 chip.
MC68HC05C9A.pdf (1823k)
MC68HC05C9A (used in the URC-43000B01 Navigator)
JP1 - Mosaic
31LF041.pdf (311k)
SST 32-lead memory chip used by Mosaic
Sharp-ARM-block-diagram.pdf (68k)
Sharp LH77790B: Block Diagram (used in the Mosaic)
Sharp-ARM.pdf (88k)
Sharp LH77790B: General description of the main chip inside the Mosaic/Director remote
Sharp-LH77790B.pdf (866k)
Sharp LH77790B: data sheet (used in the Mosaic)

EEPROM Chip Manuals

File / Description
24AA16.pdf (381k)
"Microchip" 24AA16 and 24LC16B eeproms
AT24C32.pdf (204k)
Sheet for the ATMEL AT24C32 and AT24C64 EEPROM chips
NM24C16-17.pdf (103k)
Fairchild Semiconductors - EEPROM spec sheet

Also available:
Remote Manuals
FCC Test Results



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