Remote Central Daniel Tonk's excellent site on remote controls. Has many device codes, reviews, chat forums, etc.
OFA Chat Fourm Remote Central's chat forum for OFA and R/S remotes.
Gerard Pinzone's Cinema 7 FAQ Gerard has compiled a great FAQ page covering the OFA Cinema 7 and the Radio Shack 15-1994. I learned about advanced codes from this page.
Starbase 314 This is where I got alot of the advanced codes.
Bruce Tomlin's Remotes Page Another site with many advanced codes.
John Wasser's OFA site Includes alot of info on older OFA remotes, and an excellent guide to finding your own advanced codes.
Radio Shack This is the Tandy support site, has manuals for many R/S remotes.
Radio Shack #2 More modern site for R/S remotes, includes lots of manuals in PDF format.
One For All (Old) One for All's old site - info on older OFA remotes.
One For All (USA) One for All site - info on newer OFA remotes.
One For All (Europe) One for All site - info on newer OFA remotes.
One For All (Cable) Info on One for All cable remotes.
Universal Electronics The people who actually make these remotes.
Carlton Bale's Site Convert an RF satellite dish to respond to an IR remote (using the SAT/0775 code).
15-1994 page 1 A 15-1994 user page.
15-1994 page 2 Another 15-1994 user page.
PC IR Remote Page This page details a homemade device that reads IR signals onto a PC, a must for IR geeks!
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