JP1 Interface Kit

The kits are SOLD OUT!!!.

My supply of parts for the JP1 kits has completely dried up now. I've sent out 100 of these kits to people, and it's been fun, but that's it for me. I am talking to someone regarding taking over this operation, so stay tuned for more news on that.

Click here for instructions on how to build the interface.
Click here for troubleshooting instructions.

If you would like someone else to build the cable for you, check the Database section at Yahoo Groups, where there is a list of people that will sell you a completed cable.

Here's a list of the parts that are included in the kit:

11 DB25 Shell
21 DB25 Connector (male)
32 1k resistors
41 Schottky diode (1N5818)
51 6-hole IDC connector
61 6-pin IDC connector
74 foot length of cable
the completed cable
The Completed Cable

Here's some pictures of the parts....

The hard-to-find 6-hole IDC connector The DB25 Shell
10k resistors and signal diode
the DB25 connector 4 foot length of 6 conductor cable

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