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The JP1 Group at Yahoo Groups is where we used to exchange emails about hacking these remotes, we would also keep all of our files there in the file section.

PLEASE NOTE: the discussion forum has now moved to:

There are several different designs for interface boxes or cables, along with lots of new device codes that you can load into your remote.

It is also where you will get the software and other tools that you need.

There are three different ways to sign up:

1. Log on to the web site at
2. Send an email to
3. Or, use the sign-up box below.

Please note that membership does NOT need to be approved, so if you get a message stating that you membership is pending approval, something has gone wrong and you should try again.

Yahoo Groups used to be eGroups, and before that it was Onelist. If you were a member of Onelist or eGroups and haven't converted your membership to Yahoo Groups, this will cause your membership of the JP1 group to be "pending". You need to have a Yahoo account to join, and if you have a Yahoo account that predates Yahoo taking over eGroups, your Yahoo account will need to be converted. I don't know all the steps involved in this as I did it ages ago, but you will be prompted on the web site.

There are three different options for signing up, the default is to have all of the emails that are sent forwarded to you, but you can also select to just get a daily digest, which means you will get one email from the group each day containing all of the messages that have been sent that day. You can also elect to just read the messages on the web and not have any emails sent to you.

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