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*** Welcome to Nevo and Xsight remote users ***

UEI recently shut down their website, which is how Nevo and Xsight users would update their remotes. The good news is that you can use our free JP1 software to perform these same updates. This wiki article is a guide to getting started.

This web site is intended to be your one-stop guide to all the remotes made by Universal Electronics (UEIC), which include the brand names "One For All" and "Radio Shack". UEIC also make several of the remotes that come with individual pieces of equipment, such as the remote that comes with ReplayTV, so these remotes can be programmed in the same way as the OFA and Radio Shack remotes.

I have also started including documents on the infrared signals themselves for those that are interested. These documents will primarily be of use to people who have the Philips Pronto remote (which is not a UEIC remote).

*** JP1 - PC Upgradeable Remotes!!! ***
It's true, thanks to a chip expert who discovered how to talk to the remote through the 6-pin connector, we can now add our own device codes and do lots of other custom programming, click here for more info.

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