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Selected UEIC-manufactured JP1/JP1.X remotes are also modem-upgradeable, via a built-in internal modem. These include models like the URC-9910, 9960 and others. You can call one of the support phone numbers below to get a modem upgrade or make your own wav files using JP1 software (IR or RMIR) and play them through your computer speaker. Just select "Export To WAV" from the File menu in the JP1 software to create the wav file.

The procedure for adding a modem upgrade is frequently not available in the manuals, but is only provided when you call customer support and they walk you through it. Here are the procedures for installing a wav upgrade:


For remotes with LCD screens, like the URC-8910

  1. Press and hold SET (or MAGIC, SETUP, etc), screen reads "CODE SET"
  2. Scroll up until scren reads "UPGRADE",
  3. Press SELECT, screen reads "DOWNLOAD"
  4. Cue up the WAV file so it's ready to play on your PC
  5. Hold remote up to the PC speaker and press SELECT
  6. The red light will stay lit while the WAV file is playing. When the upgrade is complete, the LCD menu will exit.

For non-LCD remotes, like the URC-7560

  1. Press and hold MAGIC (setup) for 3 seconds, two flashes
  2. Press POWER (alternatively you can press 9 9 7)
  3. The TV device button will light up
  4. Hold remote up to the PC speaker and play the WAV file
  5. If the WAV volume is correct you will see the TV key flashing during upgrade.
  6. Press MAGIC (setup) again when the WAV has finished playing

For non-LCD remotes, like Kameleons

  1. Press and hold setup for 3 seconds
  2. Press other (Kameleons only)
  3. Press 997
  4. The key pad flashes in a circle at top then screen goes blank (for Kameleons. I assume a similar display of some sort (2-flashes of LED?) appears for straight hard-button remotes) awaiting new wav file,
  5. Hold remote up to the PC speaker and press SELECT (about where numbers are on keypad and put volume upto max).

Phone Numbers:

(800) 315 0990
(330) 405 8626
(330) 405 8620

Old numbers, no longer used, include:
(800) 252 6123
(330) 405 8616

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