The JP1 Interface - Remotes

Any remote that has a 6-pin connector under the battery cover will probably work with the JP1 interface. If your remote doesn't have the connector, but you can see 6 small holes inthe circuit board where one can be attached, then you can solder the connector in and use this remote.

Remotes with the 6-pin connector:

  1. Radio Shack 15-1994
  2. Radio Shack 15-1995
  3. Radio Shack 15-1925
  4. One For All URC-9800
  5. One For All URC-8800
  6. One For All URC-8090
  7. One For All URC-8080
  8. One For All URC-8780
  9. One For All URC-7560 (European)
  10. One For All URC-7550 (European)
  11. ReplayTV remote
  12. Outlaw Audio remote
  13. Millenium 4 cable remote
  14. Maestro II cable remote

Remotes with the holes for the 6-pin connector:

  1. RCA RCU810
  2. One For All URC-7800
  3. One For All URC-6800

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