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Getting (back) into the game with an OARUSB04G

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 8:54 pm    Post subject: Getting (back) into the game with an OARUSB04G Reply with quote


My trusty 8820 is feeling its age, and no longer registers all key presses, so after some reading here, I've obtained a URC6540/OARUSB04G (say that fast four times) to replace it. It came only with a foreign language insert and was missing the cable promised in the eBay listing, but for nine bucks, I won't sweat it.

I wish it had a few more keys, but with fewer devices in my setup now, I can manage dropping from eight to four, at least in stock form.

But the upside is having access to RM-IR via a USB cable. I got along well enough with the 8820 using only 9xx and EFC codes, but now I can finally fully dive into JP1.

I've managed to use RM-IR to mostly configure the new remote, but have a few newb questions.

1) With the 8820, I was able to assign the TV Input function to the other devices using a key move. What's the way to accomplish this with RM-IR? Its beginners guide really doesn't address the Key Move tab.

(I'm also a bit unsure of how the Dash/TV Input key is supposed to act normally. Which function is primary, and which one is shifted? The manual implies that the former is shifted, but that's not how it's labelled, not does it specify how to shift. Is it automatic, based on numerical input? To me, the way the 8820 was labelled made more sense.)

2) After doing a preliminary setup run, I reconnected the remote to RM-IR for more tweaking, did a download, and found that all the various descriptions and notes were gone, but with the functions still intact. Is this normal?

3) Another oddity I noticed is that the Down Arrow/Audio Input key doesn't appear like it's programmable in the RM-IR button layout window, but can indeed be programmed?

On a more minor note, the backlighting seems to be very dim to my eyes, especially in contrast to the device key lighting. I seem to recall reading that there is a 9xx code to adjust it, but I'm not sure if it affects the duration or the intensity?

Most backit remotes I've used seem to involve a considerable compromise in battery life, so I'm inclined to disable it anyway.

And for curiosity sake, has anyone cracked one open and taken pictures? It feels like all but the device and activity keys use tactile switches instead of rubber dome switches, which is a positive in my book.

Overall, I'm happy, but a bit regretful that I didn't get deeper into JP1 sooner, but at least it's easier now with a common USB cable, even if there are a dearth of JP1 remotes now.

I've downloaded the extender, and will play with it once I get more comfortable.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 5:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi EX500. Re. 2.) Yes, the labels and notes are not stored by the remote. The extender is a big improvement but meanwhile have you seen this manual
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 8:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

1) Keymoves can be managed in the Keymoves tab, very much like the Keymoves tab in IR. See I

2) Descriptions and notes are all kept in the .RMIR file, and are not uploaded to the remote, so are not present when you download from the remote. With RMIR, you generally do all programming using RMIR, uploading to the remote and saving your config as a .RMIR file. To continue tweaking your remote, you open the saved .RMIR file, make changes, and then upload to the remote again, without any downloads from the remote.

Of course downloads are still important to examine learned signals in order to create new device upgrades. Once the device upgrade has been created, save it to a .RMDU file, then re-open your .RMIR file and add and load the device upgrade from the .RMDU file.

3) Which buttons are programmable is determined by the remote's .RDF file. It is possible there Down Arrow/Audio Input button is incorrectly marked as not programmable.
-- Greg
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JP1 How-To's and Software Tools
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Joined: 04 Sep 2011
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 18, 2017 9:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sorry for going MIA, I finally found some time to tinker with this again.

I'd seen the beginners wiki, as well as the quite comprehensive manual included with the extender.

After some more tinkering, I've been able to set the remote up to a good baseline configuration (subject to further tinkering after I get used to using it) and have a much clearer picture of how the tools are meant to work.

The only slight hitch was realizing that in the sub-window used to create new Key Moves, when the Function radio button is chosen, the pop-up menu to select the action doesn't make itself apparent because the UI obscures all but a horizontal sliver of it, at least on OS X. It requires clicking on the sliver for it to appear and select the action.

I did also verify that the Down Arrow/Audio Input is indeed programmable, even if any kind of yellow overlay isn't as evident as it is with the other keys.

Thanks again, for the tools and the help.
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