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UEI protocol: 004B
IRP notation: {33k,500}<1,-4|1,-9>(D:4,T:1,D:1:5,F:6,1,^80m)+
EFC translation: 6-bit LSB comp, or that prepended with extra device bit.

This is not a robust protocol, so spurious decodes are likely.

DecodeIR2.42 deprecates Thompson (5 bits of device, and 6 bits of function) and reports these signals as Thompson7 (4 bits of device and 7 bits of function).

Thomson includes a toggle bit so using learned signals will have operational problems. You should use KeyMoves or Upgrades based on the decoded values, rather than continue to use the learned signals.

There are two different variants of UEI protocol 004B which have different EFC numbering. The decode lists both possible EFCs so you could experiment to discover which is right for your model. But, if you are creating an upgrade (rather than just KeyMoves) it is better to use RM and use the OBC numbers from the decode (which are stable across models of JP1 remote). As of version 8.31, KM does not have support for Thomson protocol, so if you must make an upgrade in KM you need to use pid:004B. For the URC-8040 and 8060 the second decoded EFC should be right and the OBC values in KM should be wrong. For most (maybe all) other models, the first decoded EFC should be right and KM's default EFC to OBC translation should also be right.

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