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UEI protocol: 0045, 0068, 0090 or ??? 
IRP notation for 0045: {38k,158,msb}<1,-31|1,-47>(1:1,T:1,D:3,F:6,1,-45m)+
IRP notation for 0068: {33.3k,180,msb}<1,-31|1,-47>(1:1,T:1,D:3,F:6,1,^138m)+
EFC translation: 6-bit MSB comp

RECS80 is a family of related protocols with the same structure, but different timing. See also Velleman

These are moderately non robust protocols, so spurious decodes are possible.

The timing differences are not definitive enough for DecodeIr to identify which RECS80 version is which. Instead it displays the timing information in the "Misc" field of the output. That will be three numbers formatted as in this example: (157/5048/7572).

Using those three numbers and the frequency, you should be able to determine whether the signals fit the 0045 version, the 0068 version, the 0090 version or none of them. You should look at all the learned signals for your device together when doing that. A single device won't mix versions of RECS80, so any differences in frequency or timing between learns is due to the IR learning process, not due to any differences among the correct signals. You should find one RECS80 version that is a good enough fit for all signals of the device.


   frequency should be between 37000 and 39000
   first timing number between 100 and 200
   second timing number between 4500 and 5500
   third timing number between 6800 and 8300


   frequency should be between 32300 and 34300
   first timing number between 130 and 250
   second timing number between 5100 and 6300
   third timing number between 7700 and 9500


   frequency should be 0
   first timing number between 0 and 40
   second timing number between 4500 and 5500
   third timing number between 6800 and 8300

You may find decodes that don't quite fit either. If it almost fits, it may be worth testing to see if it works, but it's most unlikely to work if the second timing number is above the suggested max or the third timing number is below the suggested min. For example, I found a decode with frequency 41879 and timing numbers (132,5092,7652). The three timing numbers are perfect for protocol 0045, but the frequency is quite wrong. I have no device to test with, but my guess is that it would work anyway. For protocol 0068, the third number 7652 is below the minimum of 7700 making it quite unlikely to work. I found a different device with frequency 33333 and timing (450,5770,8656). For 0068 all but the first number are perfect and I would be quite surprised if it didn't work. For 0045 the second number 5770 is too high for the max of 5500, so it's unlikely to work.

The decodes for RECS80 all report EFCs for protocol 0045. These are not correct EFCs if you select a protocol other than 0045, so it is better to use OBC numbers when creating a JP1 upgrade based on these decodes.

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