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RCA and RCA(Old)

UEI protocols: 00AF (RCA), 002D(RCA(Old)) and 0114 (RCA Combo)
IRP notation for RCA: {58k,460,msb}<1,-2|1,-4>(8,-8,D:4,F:8,~D:4,~F:8,1,-16)+
IRP notation for RCA(Old): {58k,460,msb}<1,-2|1,-4>(32,(8,-8,D:4,F:8,~D:4,~F:8,2,-16)+)
EFC translation: MSB

These are two very similar forms of RCA protocol which differ only in that RCA(Old) has an extended lead-in and a double-length ON pulse before the lead-out. They are so similar that most RCA devices will accept either. But some RCA devices only accept the one that really matches their own remote. In versions of DecodeIR prior to v2.40, RCA(Old) was decoded as a frame of RCA{1} followed usually by a frame of RCA. The second frame now no longer appears, so the protocol has been renamed to correspond to that used in KM and RM.

RCA-38 and RCA-38(Old)

UEI protocol: not known
IRP notation for RCA-38: {38.7k,460,msb}<1,-2|1,-4>(8,-8,D:4,F:8,~D:4,~F:8,1,-16)+
IRP notation for RCA-38(Old): {38.7k,460,msb}<1,-2|1,-4>(32,(8,-8,D:4,F:8,~D:4,~F:8,2,-16)+)
EFC translation: MSB

These are recently discovered variants of the RCA protocol. They differ from RCA and RCA(Old) only in the frequency, which is 38.7kHz instead of the standard 58kHz.

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