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IRP notation: {36k,444,msb}<-1,1|1,-1>(6,-2,1:1,6:3,<-2,2|2,-2>(T:1),D:8,S:4,F:8,-???)+
EFC translation: MSB

This protocol is commonly used in Sky and Sky+ remotes. As of version 8.31, KM does not have built-in support for this protocol, but there are KM format upgrade files available for Sky and Sky+ (built by an expert who isn't limited to KM's built-in protocols). RM has built-in support for RC6-M-20n protocol, which can be used to make Sky and Sky+ upgrades (or any other RC6-6-20 upgrades as long as the T bit is the same for all learned signals, as it is with Sky). To use RC6-M-20n for RC6-6-20, you must leave the M field in RM's setup sheet with its default value of 6, and you must set or leave the T field (if present) to the value shown in all the decodes (which I assume will be 0).

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