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UEI protocol: 00F2
IRP notation: {36k,msb,889}<1,-1|-1,1>(1:1,~S:1:6,T:1,D:5,-4,S:6,F:6,^114m)+
EFC translation: NONE

The official (UEI) protocol executor for RC5x does not support EFC numbers. If you are creating an upgrade in KM or RM you should use OBC numbers, not EFC numbers. If you need the Hex Cmd for a KeyMove, you should use the functions sheet of KM or RM to compute it for you from the OBC and subdevice number.

In the functions sheet in KM you must put the subdevice number in the byte2 column, which KM calls "unit code".

What we call "Device" is really the "System". What we call Subdevice is really the "Command". What we call "OBC" is really the "Data". If you are using ProntoEdit to create the RC5 signals directly, that GUI uses that correct (System, Command and Data) Philips terminology.

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