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A Protocol is a segment of code that tells a JP1 Remote how to format an IR signal. The Protocol tells how to translate the Fixed Data and Variable Data into the final signal. The Protocol itself contains data, such as carrier frequency that are the same for all Setup Code using that Protocol. You may need to add a protocol if your device doesn't have it built in, or if you want to use a combined protocols or a hacked version of a protocol.

A Special Protocol is a segment of code that works on the behavior of your remote. Extenders, Device Specific Macros, Double Key Press, Long Key Press, Multiplexers, Pause and ToadTog are examples of special protocols. These little programs teach your remote how to do things that non-jp1 remotes can't do. Special protocols always come with a special device. Make sure you add the device too.

Here is a typical upgrade code. It starts includes everything from the word Upgrade to the word End. You're upgrades may have come from Keymap-Master or RemoteMaster or you may have copied an upgrade directly from a post in the forum.

Upgrade Protocol 0 = 01 27 (S3C8+) Sony Combo (12/15/20) (KM v9.06)
 3A 8A 42 8B 15 F8 15 05 07 02 58 01 18 01 2C 01
 18 57 D0 04 B0 01 18 08 03 08 76 07 01 EB 17 76
 08 01 6B 0F E6 28 F9 E6 12 08 08 08 E0 C0 56 C0
 03 09 01 E6 24 05 8D 01 49

Copy your protocol upgrade:

Switch to IR
Select the {Protocols Tab}
Press [Add]
Paste your upgrade using (Ctrl+V)

Your results look like figure 3-29.
IRHelpChp3Fig3 29.jpg
Figure 3-29

Press [OK] to save the upgrade.

NOTE: Make sure you add the associated device upgrade.

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