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As they never include instructions for doing a full manufacturers reset in the manuals for these remotes, I figured it would probably be a good idea to list them all in one place.


For most non-LCD remotes:

  • Press and hold SETUP (might be labelled SET, MAGIC or P), 2 flashes
  • Type 981, 4 flashes

For most Kameleon remotes:

  • Press and hold SETUP (might be labelled SET, MAGIC or P), 2 flashes
  • Press OTHER
  • Type 981, 4 flashes

For the LCD remotes (eg, URC-8910, etc):

  • Press and hold SETUP until screen reads "CODE SET"
  • Press RECORD
  • Follow the prompts

For the RCA RCU810:

  • Press and hold 'CODE SEARCH'
  • Press RECORD
  • Scroll up to MFR RESET
  • Follow the prompts

For the Radio Shack 15-2107:

  • Press and hold SETUP (ie, the green P button) for 3 seconds
  • Then press and hold MUTE for 3 seconds
  • Scroll up to MFR RESET
  • Follow the prompts

For older LCD remotes (eg, URC-9800, 15-1995, Maestro II, etc):

For the Sony Tivo (RMT-V303) and DirecTivo (RM-Y809) remotes:

  • Press and hold BOTH the Tivo and TV-Power buttons until the red LED stays lit
  • Type 0981, 4 flashes (Note: the leading zero is required)

For the One For All URC-7780 / URC-7781 remotes:

  • Go to Advanced Setup, press Enter and then LCD-Left so that the LCD displays RESET.
  • With RESET displayed, type 981 and press Enter, 2 flashes
  • Scroll to MANUFACTURING RESET option.
  • Select it and press Enter.

For the Motorola DCP501R remote:

  • Press and hold the VCR or TV device button until all the device buttons start flashing
  • Type 981, the CBL button will flash 4 times

For the Xsight Color/Touch, Nevo C2/C3:

  • Home, Settings, Reset, enter 981, Factory Reset
  • If the remote is unresponsive, it may be stuck in firmware upgrade mode. To recover from that on the Xsight Color/Nevo C2/C3, press the Power, 1 and 3 buttons while putting the battery back in. On the Xsight Touch, press Power and OK while putting the battery back in. Then re-connected to PC and continue with the firmware upgrade

Some newer remotes (eg, URC-7145 Evolve 4, 2025B2-B1):

  • Remove a battery from the remote and press a button with it removed.
  • Reinsert the battery, 2 flashes
  • Press the digits 2 and 8 simultaneously within 6 seconds, 2 flashes
  • Type 981, 4 flashes

Other Remotes

If your UEI remote doesn't fall into any of the catagories above and it doesn't have a SETUP button (even with a different label), you might still be able to perform a factory reset. Check your user manual to see what the instructions are to program the remote, specifically you should look for instructions that include typing 99x type commands. The first step in these instructions usually involves holding down 2 buttons at the same time (just like with the Sony Tivo remotes in #7 above). Therefore, to perform a factory reset, you should hold those same 2 buttons down, then type 981. If that doesn't work, try typing 0981 (ie, with the leading zero).

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