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Sky/Sky+ Remote Control manual programming codes (not 100% sure about SkyHD)


Installation (Engineer’s) Menu

 Choose "Services" on the remote control. Then press 4, then 01 followed by SELECT.

TV, SELECT+Green (Simultaneous press of "SELECT" & "Green") commands

“MACRO” functions (e.g. to force the TV to a particular channel for Sky viewing via RF input)

a. XXXX (1-4 digits), SELECT: will have the remote set the TV to channel XXXX whenever Sky, TV guide, Box Office, Services or Interactive is pressed;

b. SELECT: Clears this Macro;

TV, SELECT+Red commands

TV Code set functions

a. XYZ, SELECT: sets 3-digit “Direct set” code to TV Device button;

b. TV, WXYZ: sets 4-digit “Brand Set” code to TV Device button. Then

i. Standby - tests code, if TV turns OFF, skip to iii, if not, go to ii;

ii. TV, Standby – tests the NEXT code for that brand, if TV turns OFF, go to iii, if not, repeat ii;

iii. SELECT - locks in your TV code;

c. 990,(1, 2, 3): Blinks back (1st, 2nd, 3rd) digit of set TV code;

d. 999: Master reset;

TV, SELECT+Blue commands

Sky remote mode/aspect ratio functions

a. 0: sets remote to Sky mode;

b. 1: sets remote to DUAL Sky/Sky+ mode (¿according to some posts?);

c. 2: sets remote to Sky+ mode;

d. 1 (0,2): sets RF output to Widescreen (4:3) default (¿according to one posting?)

TV, SELECT+Yellow commands

Key Move functions

a. 994, A, B: Copies Key A to Key B (resets Key A if use B=A)

b. 994, SELECT, XYZ, A: Assigns Advanced code (or EFC) XYZ to Key A

TV, SELECT+0 commands (not Sky, but Sky+ (maybe SkyHD) remote): AMP Code set functions

a. WXYZ: sets 4-digit “Brand Set” code to AV Amplifier;

b. Left Arrow - tests code, if AMP turns OFF, press SELECT, if not, go to a;


 Sets volume punch-through to AMP device;


Cancels Volume Punch-Through

TV, SELECT+“i” commands (for SkyHD remote)

a. 0: sets SkyHD remote to Sky mode (¿an educated guess?);

b. 1: sets SkyHD remote to Sky+ mode (¿an educated guess?);

c. 2: sets SkyHD remote to SkyHD mode;

TV codes at:

AMP codes at:

Most of this info from:

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