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MCE (RC6-6-32)

IRP notation: {36k,444,msb}<-1,1|1,-1>(6,-2,1:1,6:3,-2,2,OEM1:8,OEM2:8,T:1,D:7,F:8,-???)+

MCE is a member of the RC6 family. Technically it is RC6-6-32 with the standard toggle bit zero, with the OEM1 field equal to 128, and with a nonstandard (for the RC6 family) toggle bit added. If all those rules are met, DecodeIr will display the name as "MCE" and with the OEM2 field moved to the subdevice position. Otherwise it will display RC6-6-32.

As of version 8.31, KM does not have built-in support for this protocol, but there are KM format upgrade files available for Media Center (built by an expert who isn't limited to KM's built-in protocols). Those upgrades should be adaptable to any RC6-6-32 code set (by changing the fixed data), if the one you have doesn't already match the upgrade.

RM version 1.16 has support for RC6-6-32, which can be used for MCE upgrades. Version 1.17 will also have direct support for MCE

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