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The JP1 Interface - Introduction

The JP1 interface can be either a box or a cable which you can use to hook up your universal remote to your PC or Mac. Then using some of our custom software you can make a backup of your current configuration, which you can then transfer to another similar remote if you wish. You can add device codes for any equipment that you may have that doesn't have a working code in the remote. If you had to use many advanced code to get a particular device programmed to your satisfaction, you can simply create a new device code for it with all the buttons mapped out just how you like them, which will free up all that memory that you were using for the advanced codes, for other things, such as macros.

You can use any device button for any device you like, not just the device type printed on the button. You can set the volume punch through to any device, not just to the TV. You can program functions or macros to the shifted versions of the device keys.

Several devices use codes from multiple device codes, so when possible we will create special protocols which will allow you to combine these codes into one code for your remote.

And when you are finished re-programming your remote, you can look at your configuration using our software and you will be able to see exactly what you have programmed, something you definitely can't do without the JP1 interface. Then if you wish to tweek the setup later, it's easy. For example, if you decide that you need to add one single step at the beginning of a long macro that you have programmed, without the JP1 you would have to delete the macro and start over, but with it you can simply add the step, re-load and go!

For the more advanced user, you can load an enhanced custom operating system of sorts called an extender. The extender adds many advanced capabilities like pauses, device state tracking, device multiplexing (for adding more devices than the remote was designed for), device specific macros, custom key group mapping, assign more than 2 functions to a button (double shifted, double press and long press), nested macros and fast macros. For remotes with and LCD display, you can even show your own custom text.

Tempted yet?

The next step is to join the JP1 Forum at, this is where we discuss our findings and where we store all of our files. There is a huge file section here where you will find many upgrade codes that have been pre-prepared by other members, so the chances are good that all the codes you need are already there, but even if they are not all there, we can help you create a new one for the rest of your equipment.

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