How to use RIDgen

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How to use RIDgen


RIDgen is a software tool created by Flipflop to convert UEI's EFC or OBC codes into a format useable by ReplayTV DVRs.



  1. Find a JP1 upgrade file the Device Upgrade category of the File Section.
    (In the examples below, we're going to use this file, "DirecTV D1x, H2x, HR2x, R1x and R2x series (addr 1-8)" in the demonstration)

  2. Load that file into Remote Master (RM).

  3. Run RIDGen and copy the "Protocol", "Device Number", and "Sub-Device" or other sub-parameter from RM into the respective fields.

  4. Select the "Functions" tab in RM.

  5. Copy the EFC or OBC codes for all digits 0 through 9, as well as Enter and Power functions (if available) from RM to RIDGen. RIDgen.Functions.jpg

  6. Click the "MakeHex" button to verify the Initial bits and Repeated bits get generated and propagate into their respective columns.
    • You might get an error stating, "Unknown Protocol".


      This is an indication that MakeHex does not have a InfraRed Protocol (IRP) file for the respective protocol included with the RIDgen distribution. You may need to generate one or find an appropriate IRP file which address the selected protocol. In this case, we can the DecodeIR documentation against the DirecTV protocol. It states that DirecTV was once called, "Russound". Since there is a Russound.irp file in the RIDgen directory, we can either rename the file or reword the protocol field appropriately.


  7. At this point you can click "Save" in RIDGen, the filename will default to "C1000fi.rid". The nomenclature of the filename is "(first letter of Type)(Code#)fi.rid". Altering the values for Code and Type in RIDgen will change the output filename respectively when opting to save.

There is a dedicated JP1 sub-forum related to ReplayTV topics. Also, you can find ReplayTV relative downloads from JP1's respective File Section.
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