G.I. Cable

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G.I. Cable

G.I. Cable and G.I. Cable{1}

UEI protocol: 00C4
IRP notation: {38.7k,490}<1,-4.5|1,-9>(18,-9,F:8,D:4,C:4,1,-84,(18,-4.5,1,-178)*) {C = -(D + F:4 + F:4:4)}
EFC translation: LSB

This protocol signals repeats by the use of dittos. When the {1} is shown as part of the protocol name for G.I. Cable, it just means that the repeat part of the signal is not present. That doesn't indicate any difference in the actual protocol nor even any unreliability in the decode. It may indicate that use of the learned signal will be less reliable, so you have more than usual reason to replace it with a KeyMove, Upgrade or cleaned up version.

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