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 UEI protocol: 001A
 IRP notation: (Toshiba specification) K=(D:3,H:1,A:1,B:2,F:6) {37.9k,422}<1,-3|3,-1>(K,-34,K) for A=1 or B=1
 {37.9k,422}<1,-3|3,-1>(K,-34,K,-88,K,-34,K)+ for H=1. Exactly one of H, A, or B can have a value of 1. 

If H=1 the signal can be sent repeatedly, and F can take any 6 bit value. If A or B=1, the signal is sent once only per button press, and only a single bit of F can be non-zero.

 IRP notation: (JP1) K=(D:3,H:1,F:8) {37.9k,422}<1,-3|3,-1>(K,-34,K) for H=0.
 {37.9k,422}<1,-3|3,-1>(K,-34,K,-88,K,-34,K)+ for H=1.

A and B are subsumed into F, and the value of H is computed in the executor. H=A^B. EFC translation: lsb, but not computed in DecodeIR. DecodeIR reports H as the subdevice. This is useful when making a Pronto Hex file, or other description based on durations. Remotes with executors (e.g. UEI remotes) normally compute the value of H in the executor, and the "subdevice" is not needed as a parameter.

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