EFC, JP1, KeyMoves, Upgrades, etc.

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EFC, JP1, KeyMoves, Upgrades, etc.

Much of this document assumes DecodeIr is being used with JP1 or at least with a JP1 capable remote. But some people will be using DecodeIr with other types of remote.

If your remote is not OneForAll brand and is not one of the models of Radio Shack (or a few other brands) that uses the same design as OneForAll, then everything this document says about JP1, KeyMoves, Upgrades, KM, RM (RemoteMaster), and EFC numbers has no meaning for your use. Just ignore those references and the rest of this doc should apply to your use. Also ignore the EFC numbers in the actual output from DecodeIr.

If you are using a OneForAll type remote but have neither a JP1 cable nor a remote model that can be upgraded by .wav file, then nothing about Upgrades, KM, RM, and OBC numbers applies to your use. If the decodes you get include EFC numbers and you know (or can ask in a forum) which setup code is right (corresponds to the protocol, device and subdevice of the decode) then you can use those EFC numbers in KeyMoves. Note that the decoding process cannot directly tell you which setup code is needed to generate the signal. If you post a question in an appropriate forum with the protocol name, device number, subdevice number, and which model OneForAll type remote you have, someone will probably identify the setup code for you.

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