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UEI protocol: 0002
IRP notation: {57.6k,400}<1,-7|1,-4>(1,-15,(F:-6,U:5,D:5,1,-15)+)
EFC translation: MSB comp 6 function bits followed by LSB comp low 2 unit bits.

This is not a robust protocol, so spurious decodes are likely.

The unit number shows up in the Subdevice field of DecodeIr's output. In KM, the "unit code" is one greater than the unit number. So you must take the Subdevice from the decode and add one to it and use that as the "unit code" in KM.

There are two variants of the protocol executor for DishNetwork with different but compatible EFC numbering. The decoded EFC should work for both. But the results may be less confusing if you use OBC numbers in KM or RM.

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