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UEI protocol: 000D
IRP notation: {38k,289}<1,-2.6|1,-6.3>(D:3,F:7,1,^25.3m)+
EFC translation: LSB comp prefixed with last device bit

This is not a robust protocol, so spurious decodes are likely.

As of version 8.31, KM does not translate device to fixed data, nor OBC to EFC according to the same rules used by DecodeIr. RM does translate consistently with DecodeIr, so you may find it easier to use RM. If you use KM, you must change the device number as follows:

   Decoded device 0 or 4 --> KM device 3
   Decoded device 1 or 5 --> KM device 2
   Decoded device 2 or 6 --> KM device 1
   Decoded device 3 or 7 --> KM device 0

Also (in KM) you should use the EFC number from the decode not the OBC number. Akai protocol uses the same EFC numbering across all JP1 remotes, so use of EFC is safe. KM uses different OBC numbering than RM and DecodeIr, so use of OBCs isn't safe.

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