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  1. How can I add a new remote to the IR program?

  1. How can I add a new remote to the IR program?

    This is done by creating a new RDF file. Mark maintains the RDF specification at Files/RDF2Spec.doc. From Rob:

    Your first step should be to download the memory and post it [to the discussion group]. You should also mention what setup codes are programmed to each of the device buttons. Then [Rob or someone] should be able to put a quickie RDF file together for you. This will enable you to look at the memory with IR.exe, but it will be up to you to get the rest of the more detailed info.

    If the remote let's you program macros, you would need to program 3 or 4 macros, just enough to include every button on the remote once. You should make a note of the order of the buttons that you included in each macro, then dump the memory again and look at the macros using IR.exe, this will tell you the key codes for each button, you can then edit the rdf file to use the correct button names.

    If this remote let's you do other things, like setting VPT, etc, you should dump the memory, change the setting, then dump again to see which bytes of data changed. This is where the "set baseline" function in the raw data panel proves extremely useful.


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