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  1. What should I use to make upgrades? RemoteMaster or KeyMap Master?

  1. What should I use to make upgrades? RemoteMaster or KeyMap Master?

    From Greg:

    A disclaimer: I am the primary developer of RM, so I am naturally biased in it's favor. Take anything I say with a grain of salt. I used KM for at least 2 years, and was happy with it, when I decided I would like to make a contribution to the JP1 community, and thats how RM got started.

    KM is a very sophisticated Excel spreadsheet that behaves like an application. It is quite amazing what it can do. KM has been around longer and is more complete than RM (in particular, KM supports more protocols that RM, especially the Device Combiner). If you don't have Excel, you can't use KM. It doesn't work with any other spreadsheet application.

    RM is a Java application. Java can be downloaded and installed for free. Because it is a true application, it can do things in a more intuitive or user-friendly manner. However, it was written using KM as a model, so there are a lot of similarites. It can also do things that KM can't, such as provide an image of your remote and allow you to assign function to buttons visually (using drag-n-drop or context menus). Also, RM can import many KM upgrades, so you aren't limited by the format of an existing upgrade.

    Both are actively maintained and enhanced, so that isn't an issue.


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