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OARUSB04G Remote and NAD D 3020 Amp and Apple TV 4

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 26, 2016 12:15 pm    Post subject: OARUSB04G Remote and NAD D 3020 Amp and Apple TV 4 Reply with quote

First the backstory (all 24 hours of it)...

I received my shiny new OARUSB04G yesterday and was thrilled to find that the feel of it in my hand was exactly as I had expected - I love it. However, I had some initial disappointment that the dedicated TV and Audio input buttons did not work as expected after the initial setup (using simpleset website). These buttons were the primary reason I bought this particular remote and I was eventually able to make that work flawlessly with a couple of Key Moves.

I'm a web developer so of course my first stop when I hit a wall was Google where I was introduced to JP1 and RMIR and the extender. I have downloaded and setup both RMIR and Extender - no obvious problems (after nearly bricking the OFA a few times last night).

My equipment consists of 55" of 1080p goodness by Vizio, a NAD D 3020 amp powering Wharfedale Diamond 10.2s, and an Apple TV 4. It's a very simple (and clean) audio setup that I also use with TV. For the most part everything works as expected except for a couple of issues.

So, here are the seemingly simple problems I am trying to solve.


1. NAD D 3020 Mute button

After setting up the AUDIO button to use the NAD code (0320) there is no mute functionality. I have tried the learning function from the NAD remote (NAD DR2) to the new OFA. Each time when I view the learned function info in the RMIR software it has different data. I've seen different protocols appear (NEC, NEC2, Gap29....) as well as differences in the Size and Freq fields. The Device (135) and sub device (124) fields are always the same.

There was one instance where there was a message relating to "burst index is zero" in the "Notes" field of RMIRs "Learned Signals" tab but I haven't seen that in several hours now.

There was another instance last night, early on in my tinkering, where the OFA Play button would mute the NAD audio (before RMIR and extender). This makes at least a bit of sense because the mute function on the NAD DR2 remote is the Play/Pause button (when not using a CD/DVD player). But that functionality disappeared after I started using RMIR, etc.

It's mind-boggling to me how "mute" doesn't just work as expected with the device code.

Found Solution
After converting the learned signal to a device upgrade the mute button now works as expected!


2. Apple TV 4 Select button

First, the idea here is to use the OFA in place of the new Apple Siri Remote for common tasks like navigating and changing channels/apps. I love the Siri remote and will use it, but most of the time the OFA will do.

The Apple TV 4 works flawlessly with the directional buttons and the Menu button after setting up the device code (2615). But there is not a Select button. Meaning that you can't push the big OK button to select. I can get to the home screen with a long press of the OFA menu button, step back a screen with a single press of the same button, and I can navigate with the directional keys, but it is impossible to "select" anything - meaning I can be focused on, for instance, CNNGo, but cannot "select" to open the app.

Trying to use the Apple TV 4 Remote setup screen was worthless as it would never read the "Up" signal from the OFA remote, which is the first step in setting up a remote. I'm fine NOT using the Apple TV to setup the remote if I can get the Select button to work.

I also tried learning the Select command from the Siri remote to the OFA to no avail.

Found Solution

Not sure what fixed this but it works now. I guess I should delete this post since it has little value for anyone in the future.


Thanks for any help the community can offer.
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