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Help with URC 11-2981 R0

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 1:17 am    Post subject: Help with URC 11-2981 R0 Reply with quote

Hello All,

I have a working URC-7950 remote that does all my system wonderfully and is easy to use for my partner.

Pressing "POWER" sends discrete offs to all my devices.

Pressing "TV" sends disceets to the Amplifier for the correct inputs
and sets device to "SAT" turns on TV etc

Pressing "DVD" sends discrete "ON" to the DVD and sends discrete input to the AMP etc

this is the rmir file for the working URC-7950

I recently purchased a URC-11-2981 R0 and upgraded RMIR to 2.03 build4.

this is the raw file for the URC-11-2981 R0

I want to use this new URC-11-2891 R0 as a back up remote with the same set up but have run into multiple problems.

1.In the "learned signals" tab "new" is greyed out, and when I look at the RDF file there is no "LearnedAddr=" entry.
Is it possible to put "learned signals" on this remote? and if so how, what values do I put in the RDF file?

2.When using the new RMIR 2.03 build4 with the URC-7950 I can no longer cut and paste UEI learned codes from the IR Widget into "learned signals", I get an error "Malformed Learned signal: hex learned signal too short to unpack", however this is still possible with RMIR version 2.02a

link to error

Hopefully this all makes sense, any advice or help much appreciated.

EDIT 05/08/15

Have just down loaded RMIR v2.03build 6 and tried to cut and paste the UEIExported from IRScope to the learned signal section in RMIR but still get the error
"Malformed Learned signal: hex learned signal too short to unpack"

Example below
Protocol=NEC1 Device=2.249 OBC=2 (UEI Learned)
00 00 2F 00 D1 06 11 8B 08 BB 01 14 01 1C 01 12 03 4C 01 09 4F F8 11 84 04 65 01 13 BB 0D 22 01 21 11 11 12 11 22 22 21 21 11 11 12 12 22 22 23 82 45

I thought it was just me but there is a comment on a youtube video here

that has the exact same error.

All the paths seem correct along with DecodeIR


RDFs loaded from C:\Users\xxxx\xxxx\JP1Stuff\RemoteMaster.v2.03build6\RDF
Images and Maps loaded from C:\Users\xxxx\xxxx\JP1Stuff\RemoteMaster.v2.03build6\Images
DecodeIR version 2.45

Libraries loaded from C:\Users\xxxx\xxxx\JP1Stuff\RemoteMaster.v2.03build6\Windows-amd64

EDIT 11/08/15

Had a bit of a rumage in the source code to find the error and found it in the file "" in the class "public class "UnpackLearned"

    if ( hex == null || hex.length() < 5 )
      ok = false;
      error = "hex learned signal too short to unpack";

not sure why the error is being raised here

EDIT 15/08/15

just tried RemoteMaster.v2.03build8, still the same error

could someone try pasting the above NEC1 code into the "Learned Signals" of RMIR and post back if successful or not
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