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Tommy Tyler

Joined: 21 Sep 2003
Posts: 405
Location: Denver mountains

PostPosted: Sun Aug 23, 2015 8:53 pm    Post subject: TOMMY TYLER'S IR WIDGET STORE Reply with quote


This is Tommy Tyler's new store, exclusively for the sale of IR Widgets. E-mail address for ordering Widgets was updated Dec 16, 2018.

The IR Widget is a tool for capturing and displaying infrared remote control signals on your PC. With its amazing companion software, it is the simplest, most accurate, and easy-to-use instrument ever designed for measuring, analyzing, and studying signals transmitted by infrared remote controls. Unlike similar devices that use demodulating infrared receivers designed for a single carrier frequency, this unit uses a high speed optical sensor that detects individual carrier pulses over a wide range of frequencies (10 KHz to 100 KHz). That enables it to measure carrier frequency as well as to determine the demodulated waveform timing with extreme accuracy by detecting the precise start and stop of carrier bursts.

Using the IR Widget couldn't be easier. Download the free application software bundle (about 500KB) from HERE . No software "installation" is necessary. Just extract the six files and place them all in a folder of your choice. (You can even put them on a thumb drive and run the application from there if you want to.) Connect the IR Widget to your PC with a Mini USB cable (not supplied with the Widget), open IRScope.exe, and you're ready to go. Place your remote control within a few inches of the sensor on the end of the board, select "Capture" on the screen, and press a remote button you want to examine. IRScope immediately displays the signal graphically on your screen as if it had been captured by a digital storage oscilloscope, with waveform timing drawn to precise scale and time labeled in microseconds.

You can capture and save an unlimited number of records, each having a duration of your choosing, from 1/2 second for short signals, up to 15 seconds for long macros or groups of signals. Records can be re-sized, re-positioned, zoomed in or out for resolution from 1 us/pixel to over 1 ms/pixel, annotations can be added, and much more, all with just a few clicks of the mouse. IRScope uses smart algorithms and an extensive data base to automatically analyze, identify, and decode most remote control signal protocols. To see some examples of the incredible variety of information available, download my IR Widget & IRScope Operating Instructions Rev 18 from HERE and take a look.

If you are working with infrared remote control in any format, including Slingbox, this is the ideal solution for trouble-shooting problems. Use it to determine if that universal remote you just bought transmits the exact same signal as the original manufacturer's remote. Use it to determine if a signal is transmitted only once, or what kind of a repetition pattern it has. Use it to learn how the toggle control bit in Philips RC5 protocol works. Use it to measure the time it takes to transmit a command, and the delay between commands in a macro. The uses are limited only by your imagination. Infrared technology is fun to work with . . . IF you have a device like this that lets you "see" everything a remote control says to a consumer product.


There are two steps to placing an order for a Widget:

1. Send an email to telling me you want to order a Widget, and where you want it shipped. Please make sure you also provide a return email address so I can notify you when the item is shipped.

2. Send a payment to my PayPal account, which is also I cannot handle checks, money orders, credit cards, or cash. The price is $35 per Widget, plus Shipping and Handling. S&H charges are $7 for the first item and $3 each additional item. PayPal notifies me automatically as soon as you make a payment, so you don't have to let me know you have paid.

NOTE: I regret that I cannot accept orders from addresses other than the United States. That's because PayPal has told me that I must refund a buyer's money if he claims he did not receive an item and I cannot prove that he did. I'm unwilling to accept the risks of foreign postal services losing a parcel.

Widgets are shipped from Denver, Colorado via First Class Mail only, which does not provide tracking. IR Widgets are in stock, and shipping is usually within a day or two of placing an order, unless it's a weekend or holiday, or a very snowy day. Please don't ask for shipping by Priority Mail, UPS, Fedex, Courier, or any means other than USPS First Class mail.

In addition to a site for purchasing Widgets, this store is also a thread for posting any comments, tips, or suggestions you have, based on your experience using an IR Widget, problems or complaints, ideas for improvement of the product or documentation, etc.

Last edited by Tommy Tyler on Fri Jan 11, 2019 4:01 pm; edited 11 times in total
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Advanced Member

Joined: 09 Feb 2004
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 24, 2015 9:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Am I imagining it or is it really dear Tommy Tyler back here?
Tweeking 8910, HTPro/9811, C7-7800, 6131o, 6131n, AtlasOCAP-1056B01, RCA-RCRP05B and enjoying the ride Smile
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Joined: 07 Jan 2019
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 2:29 pm    Post subject: widget Reply with quote

Tommy Tyler

I had sent a couple of emails to to see if it was still active, but have gotten no response. I would like to purchase a irwidget, but was hesitant to send a paypal. Please let me know if widgets are still for sale.
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