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JP1 Remotes Forum Index -> File Section -> JP1 File Section -> ReplayTV -> ReplayTV RID Files -> ZTE ZXV100 B700 (Cincinnati Bell Fioptics)
File - ZTE ZXV100 B700 (Cincinnati Bell Fioptics)
Description: RID for Cincinnati Bell Fioptics STB. Based on Slingbox fioptics.rmdu.
Submited by: ksander
Author: Ksander
Version: 1.0
Date: Sat Apr 14, 2012 3:31 pm
Last Updated: None
Last Download: Tue Dec 29, 2020 4:24 pm
File Size: 1.21 KB
Rating: Not Rated (0 Votes)
Downloaded: 333
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Author Comments

Joined: 07 Jan 2015
Posts: 0

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2015 5:12 pm    Comment subject: Thanks and install details

Put this content in your shellcmds file, which must be in DOS format:


mkdir /name/system/user/mirror/sys-setup-gaea/data/irbdata
mkdir /name/system/user/mirror/sys-setup-gaea/data/irCodeset
AppShell ToggleClock
cp -f /name/storage/Photo/install/ircodes /name/system/user/mirror/sys-setup-gaea/data/irbdata/ircodes
cp -f /name/storage/Photo/install/ircodesRaw /name/system/user/mirror/sys-setup-gaea/data/irbdata/ircodesRaw
AppShell ToggleMemMeter
cp -f /name/storage/Photo/install/C2001fi.rid /name/system/user/mirror/sys-setup-gaea/data/irCodeset/C2001fi.rid
cp -f /name/storage/Photo/install/S2001fi.rid /name/system/user/mirror/sys-setup-gaea/data/irCodeset/S2001fi.rid
cp -f /name/storage/Photo/install/S2000fi.rid /name/system/user/mirror/sys-setup-gaea/data/irCodeset/S2000fi.rid
cp -f /name/storage/Photo/install/S2002fi.rid /name/system/user/mirror/sys-setup-gaea/data/irCodeset/S2002fi.rid
cp -f /name/storage/Photo/install/S2003fi.rid /name/system/user/mirror/sys-setup-gaea/data/irCodeset/S2003fi.rid
cp -f /name/storage/Photo/install/S2004fi.rid /name/system/user/mirror/sys-setup-gaea/data/irCodeset/S2004fi.rid
cp -f /name/storage/Photo/install/C2005fi.rid /name/system/user/mirror/sys-setup-gaea/data/irCodeset/C2005fi.rid
cp -f /name/storage/Photo/install/C2006fi.rid /name/system/user/mirror/sys-setup-gaea/data/irCodeset/C2006fi.rid
cp -f /name/storage/Photo/install/C2007fi.rid /name/system/user/mirror/sys-setup-gaea/data/irCodeset/C2007fi.rid
cp -f /name/storage/Photo/install/C2008fi.rid /name/system/user/mirror/sys-setup-gaea/data/irCodeset/C2008fi.rid
cp -f /name/storage/Photo/install/S2009fi.rid /name/system/user/mirror/sys-setup-gaea/data/irCodeset/S2009fi.rid
cp -f /name/storage/Photo/install/C2010fi.rid /name/system/user/mirror/sys-setup-gaea/data/irCodeset/C2010fi.rid
cp -f /name/storage/Photo/install/C2011fi.rid /name/system/user/mirror/sys-setup-gaea/data/irCodeset/C2011fi.rid
cp -f /name/storage/Photo/install/C2012fi.rid /name/system/user/mirror/sys-setup-gaea/data/irCodeset/C2012fi.rid
AppShell ToggleCpuMeter

Notice that the 2nd line of .rid is the one attached for download. This positions the new RID file to take over for code 2001.

Other than this, instructions elsewhere on the internet are valid for loading this command file from your Photos folder, or using WIRNS.
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